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Hartnell College Launches “Oscar the Panther”

“Oscar the Panther” Provides Students with Self-Service 24/7/365 Across Campus, including Financial Aid and Admissions, Easing Burdens on Staff and Driving Engagement.

Ocelot’s Extensive Knowledge Base and Video Library provided Hartnell College with an Unrivaled Starting Point for Customization, enabling easy maintenance.

BOULDER, CO – Ocelot, higher education’s leading AI Enrollment and Advising Platform, with deep integration in Financial Aid, announced today that a new school has launched a conversational chatbot on its easy-to-use platform.

Hartnell College (Salinas, CA) is the latest institution to take advantage of Ocelot’s extensive knowledge base and unrivaled library of online video content to launch their own chatbot.  

“For Hartnell College, the Ocelot chatbots are providing a means of delivering accurate and consistent student services information rather than heavily relying on phone calls, campus visits, or large group presentations,” said Moises Alemdariz, Director, Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives. “For many students, making the initial call can be an awkward feeling if that student isn’t sure what to ask or where to start.  With the chatbot, it eliminates the initial human interaction and provides a comfortable and engaging method for students to gather the information.”

“Our unique chatbot platform is enabling schools like Hartnell College to build powerful chatbots with little-to-no IT resources,” said Kevin O’Shea, Ocelot’s Chief Technology Officer.  “Our extensive knowledge base and video library provide an unrivaled starting point for customization, with enterprise-grade Natural Language Understanding technology ensuring users can quickly find the answers they need.”

The Ocelot platform is mobile friendly, WCAG AA 2.0 accessible, and can be deployed across student service departments and One-Stops.

Colleges choose to build chatbots on Ocelot’s Chatbot platform in order to:

  • Provide “Virtual Student Support” and Self-Service
  • Increase Enrollment and Retention 
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Phone Calls and Wait Times
  • Ensure Consistency of Answers
  • Save Staff Time
  • Promote Financial Literacy / Debt Education / FAFSA Completion
  • Meet Access and Equity Initiatives

To schedule a demo, visit to learn more.

About Ocelot

Founded in 2003, Ocelot is higher education’s #1 SaaS provider of multilingual artificially intelligent chatbots, serving over 6.5 million students at over 400 institutions. The Ocelot platform features an unrivaled knowledge base of content – including over 41,000 knowledge base Q&A, and over 2,000 “how to” videos – that guides students through all aspects of the student lifecycle including admissions, financial aid, and student advising. The Ocelot platform enables student service departments campus-wide to provide personalized virtual advising and support, and meet enrollment, retention, and engagement goals as well as access and equity initiatives. Visit to learn more.

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