Demystify FAFSA Simplification with Ocelot's AI-powered Digital Assistant, Available Now!

  • FAFSA Simplification Digital Assistant

Empowering Staff by Demystifying FAFSA Simplification

Demystify FAFSA Simplification with Ocelot's AI-powered Digital Assistant, Available Now!

By helping staff get up-to-date, concise answers to the common FAFSA questions in real-time, Ocelot’s FAFSA Simplification Digital Assistant maximizes efficiency, ensures accurate, compliant responses to FAFSA-related inquiries, and helps to unlock more aid opportunities for a wider range of potential students.

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On-Demand Access to Accurate FAFSA Information

Ocelot’s advanced AI and comprehensive FAFSA Simplification library lets staff access real-time insight that is precise, accurate and specific to unique student situations.

Peer Reviewed Information that Assures Compliance

Ocelot’s Compliance Content Review Committee makes certain library content is representative of the most up-to-date policy information, relying on an extensive set of vetted FAFSA resources and the team’s 70+ years of experience in higher education.

Designed with Higher Ed Staff in Mind

Whether using as a real-time knowledge base for staff or as a training tool, a simple, intuitive interface built for higher ed, lets staff focus on learning the latest FAFSA policies and efficiently accessing the precise information they need, how and when they need it.
Provide in-the-moment support to staff regarding the latest federal policies to drive more effective financial aid conversations with students.

Only 57% of high schoolers on average submit a FAFSA. Clarifying aid requirements and FAFSA information for potential students and families can help grow enrollment and give more individuals access to college education.

AI That Makes FAFSA Simple – for Students and Staff.

Increase staff efficiency and improve experiences.

Make it easier for staff to access the latest aid-related information while freeing up time previously spent in seminars and training sessions. Let staff focus on complex questions and helping students navigate their way to financial and academic success.

Ensure compliance.

In a sea of complex, ever-changing FAFSA requirements, rest assured your staff has simple and easy access to the most up-to-date, compliant information to best support each and every exchange with students and families.

Maximize financial aid opportunities.

The FAFSA Simplification Act increases opportunities for aid. By fully understanding and applying the latest policy updates, schools can best capitalize on expanded federal eligibility and remove barriers for key student populations to access aid.

Make Ocelot part of your team today.

Pricing Starts At $2,500

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