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Artificial intelligence with real impact

Accurate, compliant, comprehensive answers ready to go for a remarkable student experience out of the gate.

Why Ocelot’s AI approach is superior

Better answers.

More inputs means better AI understanding of what a student wants and delivering the correct information.

Immediate "Day 1" value.

New deployments are primed for launch with content knowledge bases and AI trained by higher education experts.

Staff maximizes impact.

The team can focus on the cases that need 1:1 attention with live chat and video screen sharing.

The power of big data

A key driver of AI quality is the breadth of inputs from which the AI feeds on to create responses to student interactions. Ocelot takes a big data approach so students get the best answers. 

This centralized architecture means the AI is learning from data across Ocelot’s entire network. Clients benefit from the collective strength of the network that includes millions of student interactions and hundreds of thousands of questions instead of only having a single-school environment to fuel the engagement experience with our platform.

Ocelot also curates comprehensive content libraries to supplement other key inputs (web crawling, internal FAQs, data from integrated platforms) ensuring students get the best answers that a individual school cannot provide on its own.


Human supervised learning

Ocelot’s AI Conversation Design team takes a unique approach to make the platform smarter. This team consists of data scientists, content creators, and conversation design experts. Additionally, Ocelot has a Compliance and Content Review committee that, with a combined 70 years of higher education experience, ensures that general content stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and trends. In simple terms – Ocelot does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing the technology and building the AI algorithms, so clients can focus on facilitating more impactful interactions with their students. 


Always getting smarter

We use natural language processing (the process of organizing language into structured data), natural language understanding (teaching machines reading comprehension), and deep learning and neural networks (understanding relationships in data) to inform our AI.

This approach, combined with continuous optimization of our knowledge base, regular analysis of intent, entity and dialog data, plus client input ensures a best-in-class experience with our AI.


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