New Content: 6 Strategies To Help You Tackle The Student Retention Crisis

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What Is Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) and How It Enhances Higher Education

Why higher education should use a combination of human-centered and generative artificial intelligence to enhance student communications.

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Tackling Administrators’ Top Concerns About Upcoming Financial Aid Changes

Discover AI-powered solutions to address top concerns about the upcoming Financial Aid Changes and further enhance student experiences.

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Unburdening Higher Education Staff: The Power of AI Chatbots, Two-Way Text, and Live Chat

Unburden staff and streamline student communication with Human-Centered and Generative AI.

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Absent Affirmative Action, How Higher Education Institutions Can Engage Underrepresented Students

How can we better support and empower underrepresented students?

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Demystifying FAFSA Simplification

Get ahead of the game and stay informed with Ocelot.

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GPT Integration in Ocelot’s AI Platform: Raising the Bar for Higher Ed Communication

We recognize the significance of integration in improving student engagement and success in higher education.

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Trends and Outlook

Takeaways from EDUCAUSE’s Top 10 IT Issues of 2023

Kelley Bradder shares her reactions and implications for IT leaders going into 2023.

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Investing in Student Success Begins by Connecting with Each and Every Student

Providing a barrier-free academic journey for all is key to ensuring student and institutional success.

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