Demystify FAFSA Simplification with Ocelot's AI-powered Digital Assistant, Available Now!

Retaining Students Has Never Been Easier

Demystify FAFSA Simplification with Ocelot's AI-powered Digital Assistant, Available Now!

Capterra names Ocelot “Top Performer” in Conversational AI Platform category

The intelligence behind retention

Ocelot is an AI-driven communication platform that gets the right information to the right students at the right time.

The nexus of advanced machine learning, decades of higher ed expertise and millions of student interactions from more than 500 institutions.

Engagement drives retention

Discover how we can help you keep your students informed and engaged throughout their student journey and help your staff focus on the important interactions.

AI: Your Way

Scalable, secure, and flexible. Ocelot solutions integrate with leading campus systems and give institutions full control of content, permissions, and AI supervision. Ideal for departmental or campus-wide implementations.

Expert Guidance

Empower your students with a comprehensive knowledge base, delivering accurate and compliant guidance. Students can access over 850,000 questions and answers to support their journey.

Personalized information

Seamlessly integrate with leading campus systems and deliver a tailored and personalized student experience that drives engagement and individualized support through communication platform.

Decision ready data

Gain the power of insights necessary to proactively inform students with the right information, enabling informed decision-making and driving student success.


Ocelot’s AI Communication Platform is a game-changer for higher education institutions looking to improve student retention. With solutions like AI-backed Two-Way Texting, an AI chatbot, and AI-assisted live chat, Ocelot provides personalized support and guidance to students, ensuring they stay engaged and supported throughout their academic journey. Combined with popular ecosystem integrations, compliant content, analytics, and a dedicated support team, Ocelot empowers institutions to revolutionize communication, drive enrollment, and ultimately boost student success. 

Ocelot Two-Way Texting

AI-backed, 1-to-many text messaging keeps current and prospective students informed, supported and on-track.

Ocelot Live Chat

Integrated live chat brings versatile, comprehensive approach to AI communications across campus, keeping students on the path to success.

Ocelot Chatbot

AI purpose-built for higher ed accurately understands students’ questions and delivers compliant, consistent, and relevant information whenever and wherever it’s needed.


Flexible, multichannel AI delivers students personalized, on-demand information while making the complex web of campus systems easier to navigate.
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Texting Platform Buyer's Guide

Everything you need to size up your texting platform options complete with high-level considerations and a detailed checklist.
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Live Events & On-Demand Webinars

Whether you’re seeking to jumpstart your next project of just looking for valuable insights, Ocelot’s virtual events are designed to help higher education leaders deliver better service to more students.

Over 15.6 million questions answered in the last 12 months alone.

Explore why 500 schools trust Ocelot
to increase enrollment, retention, and student success.
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