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Creating a Seamless Student Experience with AI: A Q&A with Ocelot CEO Anthony Rotoli

How AI can optimize student experience in higher education

Artificial intelligence has truly transformed the landscape of higher education, enhancing student experiences and empowering staff to drive student success. To explore the possibilities of AI in higher education, Ocelot CEO Anthony Rotoli recently participated in a Fireside Chat with Campus Technology, titled “How AI Is Forging Connections Across Campus for a Seamless Student Experience.”

In the course of the conversation, Anthony delved into how AI-driven communications can revolutionize student engagement and support mechanisms at universities. Let’s explore some key points from the conversation:

Q: What is the connected campus, and how does it impact student communication and access to essential information?

A: The connected campus aims to provide a seamless, technology-driven experience for students throughout their academic journey. By breaking down silos between various campus systems, institutions can offer a unified platform for accessing crucial data from enrollment to graduation. According to a study, 85% of CIOs believe that connected campuses are vital for enrollment and retention, underscoring the importance of a cohesive student experience.

Q: What challenges do institutions face in delivering information to students effectively?

A: Persistent data silos pose a significant hurdle for higher education institutions. Breaking these silos is considered a top challenge by 80% of CIOs, impacting engagement, communication, and data accessibility. Budget constraints further complicate the issue, with 63% of CIOs citing budget limitations as a key barrier to effective communication strategies. Leveraging outdated communication methods like emails proves less effective, with only a 20% open rate compared to a 98% open rate for text messages.

Q: What are the consequences when students can’t access vital information?

A: Inaccurate or inaccessible information can have profound consequences on students’ academic journeys. Missing critical deadlines, such as financial aid or enrollment deadlines, can significantly impact student retention. One institution’s proactive approach using text messages led to a 50% immediate response rate, demonstrating the importance of timely communication. AI-powered solutions can help institutions anticipate and address students’ needs effectively, offering personalized support and guiding students through challenges.

The Bottom Line

Embracing AI-driven solutions in higher education not only benefits students by providing timely and personalized support but also empowers institutions to enhance retention and success rates. By anticipating student needs, leveraging preferred communication channels, and breaking down data silos, universities can create a more connected and efficient campus experience. The future of higher education lies in the continuous improvement and collaboration between technology and institutions, paving the way for innovative strategies to support student success.

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Watch “How AI Is Forging Connections Across Campus for a Seamless Student Experience” here!


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