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Ocelot Launches Turn-Key Integration with Slate CRM, to Supercharge Enrollment Workflows

Integration provides institutions that use both platforms to drive a “student-first” engagement and communication strategy

BOULDER, CO – Ocelot, higher education’s most-deployed and fastest-growing AI-powered Student Communication Platform, announced today that it has launched a turn-key integration with the Slate CRM that enables colleges and universities using both products to supercharge enrollment workflows.

“This ‘turn-key’ integration is a powerful tool for all institutions that use Ocelot for their AI communications platform, and Slate for their CRM,” said Kelley Bradder, Ocelot’s VP for Integrations and Security. “Our goal is to enable colleges and universities using both products to reach new levels of scale, personalization, targeted outreach and student engagement.”

Ben Beck, Ocelot’s SVP of Product, added: “The really cool thing about this particular integration is that there is no change to where administrative work is done. There is no need to learn a new system. There is, however, more opportunity for higher-value initiatives to supercharge enrollment workflows. We believe this kind of integration enables admissions and enrollment departments to reach more students – both prospective and current – with better, actionable communications that help achieve enrollment goals.” 

Ocelot’s best-in-class AI SaaS communication platform takes a unique approach to supporting colleges and universities, as it is both multi-tenant and system agnostic. This means that Ocelot clients: 1) benefit from a big data AI model that is learning from millions of interactions at hundreds of higher education institutions and 2) can easily integrate Ocelot with any number and type of other technology platforms (e.g. SIS, CRM, LMS, FAMS, etc). This provides students with a single, unified experience and a seamless “go to” resource as students transition from prospective to enrolled status.

The Ocelot platform is mobile friendly, WCAG AA 2.1 accessible, and can be deployed across individual departments as well as enterprise-wide.

Colleges and universities choose to build chatbots on Ocelot’s AI-powered communication platform in order to:

  • Provide “Virtual Student Engagement” and Self-Service
  • Drive Enrollment and Retention 
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Phone Calls and Wait Times
  • Ensure Consistency of Answers
  • Save Staff Time by Empowering Them to Have More Meaningful Interactions with Students
  • Promote Financial Literacy / Debt Education / FAFSA Completion
  • Support Access, Wellness, and Equity Initiatives

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About Ocelot

Ocelot is higher education’s most-deployed and fastest-growing multi-tenant AI-powered Student Communication Platform providing over 7 million students at nearly 500 institutions with 24/7 virtual engagement. The Ocelot SaaS Platform includes 2-way AI-backed SMS text campaigns for student outreach, AI chatbot and live chat for student support, an unrivaled and fully compliant knowledge base of content – including thousands of video explainers and text Q&A – for ease of technical implementation and administration, as well as an open integration framework to access data from other systems for personalized student interactions. The Ocelot platform enables colleges and universities to reach every student, answer every question, and ensure students and families can be guided through all aspects of the student lifecycle to drive enrollment, retention, wellness and access. Visit to learn more.

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