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Effectively Guide and Support Students 24/7 With Multilingual AI Assistant


AI purpose-built for higher ed accurately understands students’ questions and delivers compliant, consistent, and relevant information whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Why provide a Chatbot?

Extensive Higher Ed Knowledge Base

Chatbot offers out-of-the-box support for standard topics while enabling the seamless addition of school-specific content. Its AI engine consistently learns from millions of student interactions happening across hundreds of campuses throughout the US to advance accuracy and understanding.

Multichannel integrations

Information from SIS, CRM, and other platforms can easily be fed into the chatbot workflow to drive more personalized experiences and ensure consistent information is being shared campuswide. Students can opt into follow-up Two-Way Texting from inquiry forms within the chatbot and escalate from chatbot interactions to live chat when needed, enabling richer and more impactful connections.

Scalable Configuration

Advanced administrative capabilities, alongside full access to performance insights and robust privacy controls, gives institutions the confidence and flexibility to deploy Ocelot IQAI, ensuring information is accurate, secure, and compliant.

"I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of setting up and launching the chatbot. Everything has been user friendly. "

– Regan Bruni, Director, Office of Student Success

Be there for every student
when it matters most.

Ocelot’s advanced AI answers 97% of student questions and is used by over 5.6 million students.

Increase visibility and streamline enrollment

Help a wider, more diverse set of prospective students find enrollment and financial aid information easily, anonymously, and on their terms while capturing valuable insights and high-quality leads for follow-up campaigns.

Expand service capacity and unify siloed data

Provide up-to-date, compliant information to students whenever and wherever they need it, while freeing up staff to focus on complex questions and guiding at-risk students to success.

Boost student success

Quickly understand student needs across campus, provide useful information specific to their situations, and facilitate deeper connections by sharing videos, links, and suggestions most relevant to them.

AI Chatbot Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to size up your chatbot options complete with high level considerations and a detailed checklist.

Dive into more success stories

Hear how your peers are realizing the benefits of the Ocelot’s AI Communications and Student Engagement Platform, ensuring every student gets the answers they need so no one is left behind.
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