Fullerton College Increases Staff Reach and Capacity with FATV’s GetSAP Service

Award-Winning Online Video Service Improves Student Understanding of Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, Creates Self-Service Efficiencies for Students and Staff, and is a Valuable Tool in Achieving Retention and Default Aversion Goals

BOULDER, CO – FATV, a leading supplier of customizable online video solutions for college financial aid offices, announced today that its GetSAP service has increased Fullerton College’s capacity to deliver Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) counseling sessions to students in order to meet growing demand.

“GetSAP has allowed our students to learn and understand SAP in their own time, 24/7. It is customized to our individual SAP policy, processes, and procedures.  I highly recommend this product to anyone!” said Greg Ryan, Director of Financial Aid at Fullerton College.

In addition to increasing capacity, Fullerton College also uses GetSAP to enhance and improve the SAP counseling experience to provide more examples of how SAP works and better connect students to campus resources.


When students at Fullerton College were given the choice between in-person and online counseling using GetSAP in the first semester of use, 761 students completed the GetSAP online sessions.  This saved Fullerton College Financial Aid staff from conducting over 21 SAP in-person counseling sessions and freed up staff to focus on more individual student needs.  Based on results, Fullerton moved to 100% online GetSAP counseling for appeals the following semester.

“GetSAP transforms a school’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy into a highly engaging, interactive, online video educational experience.  GetSAP can be used as a proactive tool, and also when students run into difficulty meeting SAP requirements. GetSAP is optimized for connecting SAP to retention objectives and tracking student learning outcomes (SLOs),” said Damon Vangelis, CEO of FATV.

GetSAP is available across multiple platforms: online, mobile, and can be embedded directly on a school’s website. All video content, case studies, calculators and quizzes are fully customizable and are available on the following topics:

  • Proactive SAP Communication
  • At-Risk Student Intervention
  • Explaining the Appeals Process
  • 150% Rule
  • Pell Lifetime Eligibility

For more information on GetSAP or to view a demo, please call 1-888-704-9090 or visit www.ocelotbot.com.

About Ocelot

Ocelot is a leading education technology company working to discover new ways to help college administrators and student communities thrive in an ever-changing, resource-constrained world. The Ocelot AI Student Services Platform is the most effective student engagement tool in the industry, with the fastest, most versatile AI chatbot backed by an unrivaled, ever-growing content library of 2000+ explainer videos and 1300+ answers, including in Spanish. Formerly known as FATV, Ocelot has over 330 higher education institution clients across the nation, many of whom take advantage of the platform’s unique Community Sharing feature to build a dynamic, shared knowledge base that has helped 1.4 Million students chart a successful path through college by providing 24/7/365 access to critical admissions, campus life, and financial aid information.

More information about Ocelot, the Ocelot Student Services Platform, and the FATV video content library can be found at www.ocelotbot.com.

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