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Shannon Sheaff Joins FATV as Director of School Partnerships

Award-Winning Content and Technology Company Improves Student Understanding of Financial Aid and Related Topics, Raises the Bar on Customer Service, and Creates Self-Service Efficiencies for Students and Staff

BOULDER, CO – FATV, a leading content and technology company that promotes self-service efficiencies and student success, announced today that Shannon Sheaff has joined the organization as Director of School Partnerships.

“Shannon Sheaff brings a wealth of experience to FATV,” said CEO Damon Vangelis. “She has achieved success at both the school and vendor level, which I believe will benefit our school partners. During her time as Associate Dean of Financial Aid at Mohave Community College, she oversaw a reduction in the school’s cohort default rate by over 50%. During her time at EdFinancial, she supported schools with default prevention and financial aid processing solutions. I am excited to have her on the FATV team.”

In this new position, Sheaff will coordinate School Partnership programs and initiatives and integrate FATV’s multi-platform service into school partners’ customer service, outreach and retention strategies.

“FATV has a great approach to helping schools and supporting student success. FATV’s products are highly visual, customizable, and do a great job with supporting analytics. I look forward to helping schools maximize FATV’s self-service products,” said Sheaff.

“FATV’s two primary services – GetAnswers and GetSAP – will benefit from having Shannon Sheaff supporting schools to utilize them,” added Vangelis.

Schools are deploying FATV in a variety of ways, including:

  • To Promote Self-Service
  • To Improve Customer Service
  • To Reduce Student Wait Times
  • To Reduce Student Phone Calls
  • To Extend the Reach of Offices to 24/7/365
  • To Improve Understanding of Financial Aid and SAP
  • To Raise Student Learning Outcomes
  • To Improve Default Aversion Efforts
  • To Improve Financial Literacy Efforts
  • To Assist Veterans

For more information on FATV and to view a demo, please call 1-888-704-9090 or visit

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