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Butte College Chooses FATV’s GetAnswers and GetSAP Services

Award-Winning Content and Technology Solutions Improve Student Understanding, Create Self-Service Efficiencies for Students and Staff, and are Valuable Tools in Achieving Retention and Default Aversion Goals

BOULDER, CO – FATV, a leading supplier of content and technology solutions for college financial aid offices, announced today a new addition to its online network.

Butte College (Oroville, CA) is the latest institution to take advantage of FATV’s award-winning, customized, online video communication and outreach solutions.

“Working with the team at FATV has been an amazing experience! They are quick to respond, easy to work with, supportive, and, most importantly, invested in the success of not just your college but your students as well,” said Tammera M. Shinar, Director, Financial Aid and Veterans Services at Butte College. “Their commitment to making the FATV product an extension of college resources makes it an extremely valuable tool on your college website.  We are particularly impressed with the outcomes we’ve collected from the use of embedding FATV tutorials in our electronic communications to students.”

Shinar added: “FATV’s innovative approach to helping educate students through their comprehensive library of online videos of all things financial aid is testament of their dedication to student success. We highly recommend their product and service to anyone seeking a tool or resource to enhance communication and student knowledge of financial aid. Check them out, we will be renewing our contracts with them for as long as we possibly can!”

“By using the GetAnswers service, schools never miss a chance to communicate with their students.  Financial aid videos answer student questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Key topics such as eligibility, applying, verification, and Satisfactory Academic Progress are available, and all videos are available in Spanish as well,” said Kathleen Roebuck, VP of School Partnerships for FATV.

Roebuck added: “The GetSAP service enables schools to save time communicating their Satisfactory Academic Progress information to students, whether proactively, or with students on appeal. GetSAP enables schools to connect SAP to retention goals through a highly engaging educational experience, and also highlight success resources to students.”

FATV is available across multiple platforms: online, mobile, campus-based signage systems and interactive learning modules, and in multiple languages. Last year, over 4 million online videos were watched via the GetAnswers service. The GetSAP service saved schools thousands of hours in staff time last year.

Schools choose FATV to:

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Phone Calls
  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Help Achieve Retention Goals thru Enhanced SAP Outreach Communications
  • Improve Default Aversion Efforts
  • Enhance Financial Literacy Resources
  • Communicate in Multiple Languages
  • Assist Veterans
For more information on FATV and to view a demo, please call 1-888-704-9090 or visit

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