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Ocelot Launches Bilingual English-Spanish Artificially Intelligent Chatbot for Colleges and Universities

The Bilingual Chatbot, the first-of-its-kind in higher education, is fully customizable for colleges to communicate with Spanish-language speakers, especially parents.

BOULDER, CO – Ocelot, the leading provider of Artificially Intelligent Conversational Chatbots for colleges and universities, announced today a new development: the first-of-its-kind fully bilingual English-Spanish chatbot.

Schools that struggle to communicate with native Spanish-language speakers, especially parents, now have access to an easy-to-use customizable tool that opens up lines of communication and reduces obstacles for both students and parents.
Spanish-speaking families are the fastest-growing share of all families with children attending college. The percentage of Hispanic students in school has doubled over the past twenty years, and today roughly 1 in 5 college students are Hispanic, according to the US Census.

Ocelot has deployed the Bilingual version of its Chatbot for over 40 colleges since June. The Chatbots run on an IBM AI engine and can communicate with students and parents 24/7.

Ocelot spent over a year developing the bilingual tool, to ensure it provides quality Spanish conversation. Ocelot’s Spanish-language AI content libraries build on Ocelot’s work over the past two decades creating multi-lingual publications and videos for colleges. Unlike chatbots that rely on automated translation functionality, Ocelot’s bilingual Bots have been trained with vocabulary and terminology consistent with U.S. Department of Education Spanish guidelines.

“Our mission is to make a better life more accessible for students,” said Ocelot CEO Damon Vangelis. “This new innovation is a great resource for parents of first-generation college students who struggle to understand complex topics like financial aid and housing.”

Elizabeth Hilton, Director at Riverside City College, an early adopter of the Spanish-language chatbot, noted: “The Spanish chatbot is huge for our institution because we serve a large Hispanic population.”

About Ocelot

Founded in 2003, Ocelot (formerly known as FATV) is the nation’s largest SaaS provider of Multilingual Artificially Intelligent Chatbots to higher education. The customizable Ocelot platform includes an unrivaled knowledge base of content, including over 16,000 knowledge base Q&A, and over 2,000 explainer videos. Ocelot answers over 97.5% of chatbot interactions without the need for human intervention with over 40% of conversations conducted after standard business hours. Schools deploy Ocelot to improve enrollment yield and retention, support student services, and further financial literacy/debt education. Visit to learn more.

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