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Impact Snapshot

  • Leveraged both Ocelot Chatbot and Two-Way Text to increase student engagement

  •  Sourced $1,952,780 in tuition dollars for the 2022-2023 academic year from one Two-Way Text campaign

  • Saved $1,152,990 and 305 weeks of staff work with chatbot

  • Saw a 10x return on investment with Ocelot solutions saving the college over three million dollars
California Community College Students

About Long Beach City College

Since it was founded in 1927, Long Beach City College (LBCC) has strived to empower its students with learning across a variety of programs, including Career and Technical Education, Language Arts and Communication, Social Sciences and the Arts, and Health, Science & Mathematics. LBCC serves 23,147 students (40% of which are full-time) and has a long track record of creating an environment that allows students to thrive both on campus and professionally.

The Challenge

LBCC’s team always looking for the best communication channels to reach existing and potential students. Considering that the average student at the two-year college is twenty-three years old, the team knew that they had to select communication channels that would effectively reach Gen-Z.

After looking into Two-Way Text solutions, Long Beach City College decided to partner with Ocelot’s expert team to take advantage of their industry-knowledge, easy to use interface, and ability to create more in-depth student engagement with easy to personalize communications.

The Solution

Long Beach City College leverages Ocelot’s AI-powered chatbot to provide 24/7 support to students across campus. With the combined power of Ocelot’s higher-education knowledge base and institution specific content, LBCC has been able to help students get the information they need from day one of implementation.

Additionally, the LBCC Outreach and Recruitment team started using Ocelot’s Two-Way Texting solution in January of 2022 with the goal of more clearly communicating enrollment best practices, deadlines, and other need to know information with students. The team also uses the solution to connect with the potential students who have begun applications or have otherwise indicated interest in attending LBCC.

The Impact

Since Long Beach City College began using Ocelot Chatbot, it has answered 220,668 student questions without human intervention, allowing staff members to focus on high-impact student scenarios rather than simple inquiries. When factoring in the results of recent IBM research which stated that a single question costs $5.50 and takes 3.5 minutes to answer, Ocelot Chatbot has saved the college $1,152,990 and 305 weeks of staff work.

Even more, the Long Beach City College Outreach and Recruitment team is particularly proud of one two-waytext use case that generated an incredibly positive impact on their registration goals for the year. Each summer, the team hosts an “Express Days” event series, where students attend and are able to get registered for the upcoming semester. LBCC started promoting the event to students via Ocelot Two-Way Text.

The year before implementation, 2,843 students attended Express Days. With the addition of text communications, the Outreach and Recruitment team were able to host 4,098 students at the 2022 event! This resulted in an additional 1,255 enrolled students in 2022, which is a 44% increase in their event-sourced registration yearover-year. With in-state tuition for LBCC students costing $1,556 per year, this increase in enrollment equates to an additional $1,952,780 in tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year!

In the big picture, Long Beach City College has seen a ten-time return on its investment in Ocelot’s student communication solutions. With the use of these tools, the school has saved over three million dollars, all while enriching LBCC students’ higher education experience.

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