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GPT Integration in Ocelot’s AI Platform: Raising the Bar for Higher Ed Communication

We recognize the significance of integration in improving student engagement and success in higher education.

The advancements in AI over the past few years have been nothing short of astounding. For instance, AI systems have demonstrated outstanding performance in medical imaging, enabling the detection and diagnosis of diseases with higher accuracy and speed than human doctors in some cases. Additionally, AI is powering the advanced driver-assistance systems for autonomous vehicles, improving their ability to detect and respond to their surroundings in real time. Moreover, new language models have emerged that can generate written content and images without any human intervention, a feat previously thought to be impossible. These examples highlight the incredible potential of AI to transform various industries and aspects of daily life. 

In higher education, AI contributes significantly by assisting in personalized learning, student engagement and retention, and accessibility. These innovations have significantly impacted how AI is applied across sectors, each opening new opportunities and accelerating the role of machine learning in our everyday lives. Chatbots, for example, have become ubiquitous today, with an increasing ability to handle everything from customer service inquiries to personal finance management.

Many in the industry point to GPT-3, a language model developed by Open AI, and the ChatGPT application built upon it as the trailblazer to a new frontier in AI, specifically regarding chatbots. Chat GPT can produce human-like text through deep learning, engage in natural and human-like conversation with users, and has a wide range of applications, from customer service to mental health counseling. Its powerful ability to understand and respond to human language demonstrates just how far AI has come, and it is exciting to think about the possibilities that lie ahead.

What makes Open AI’s language model GPT3 (and the newer GPT4 version) stand out is its size and complexity. The model effectively leverages the internet with 175 billion trainable parameters and over $10M in computing power. It has been refined by human expertise and took around three years of engineering, training, and revisions to arrive at its current state. While powerful in its vastness, Open AI’s model has its limitations regarding personalization, content freshness, and industry-specific understanding, but it will undoubtedly shape the future of higher education solutions.

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How Ocelot is using ChatGPT to complement our AI Communication Platform

Open AI’s advanced machine learning capabilities are one of the many technologies our team of in-house AI experts has evaluated and continues to explore as part of our ongoing effort to determine the best-in-class tools positioned to support the unique needs of the higher education sector.

The Ocelot AI Communications Platform is supported by a team of higher education experts who curate content and work closely with institutions to ensure that our solutions can not only understand what students are asking but can also direct them to the right answers. Our customers can use our powerful AI engine, which is purpose-built using data from tens of millions of student interactions and our extensive pre-built library of department-specific, compliant answers.

We recognize the significance of integration in improving student engagement and success in higher education. Therefore, our platform integrates with SIS, CRM, and other systems to enable schools to deliver personalized responses to each student, leading to a more impactful educational experience. It is important to note that schools retain complete control over the specific content students receive through the chatbot.

Our team is implementing Open AI not to automate the direct response to student inquiries but to make chatbot implementation and maintenance more efficient. Customers and Ocelot can together leverage Open AI as a content partner, making the process of creating a unique, institution-specific knowledge base – ultimately used to inform how chatbots answer questions – faster. Ocelot’s AI engine is unique in its deep domain expertise. While new, powerful general-purpose tools can help make our solution more efficient, our model is better equipped to fill in the nuanced, up-to-date information those larger models often miss, ensuring institutions can consistently provide the most accurate, relevant answers.

We are committed to helping our customers implement cutting-edge AI like ChatGPT to deliver enhanced student experiences and reduce staff burden while ensuring compliance is met, answers are relevant, and interactions are supervised. As a trusted partner to institutions nationwide, we look forward to continued innovation and helping our customers achieve more.  


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