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Ocelot Expands SIS Interoperability with Ellucian Colleague Integration

Ellucian Colleague users can now seamlessly leverage Ocelot’s purpose-built AI to increase self-service support and maximize knowledge base efficiencies across campus systems 

Sacramento, CA – March 23, 2023 Ocelot, the industry leader in AI communications purpose-built for higher education, today announced it will expand the flexibility of its solutions, adding integration capabilities for Ellucian Colleague. The Colleague integration enables more colleges and universities to access Ocelot’s purpose-built AI, expansive content libraries, and network-based learning engine to deliver personalized student experiences that increase enrollment and retention.  

Institutions today are managing complex, often siloed data systems while at the same time working to make personalized, on-demand communication available to students 24/7.  The lack of a centralized knowledge base, however, can limit the capabilities of AI solutions to automate student engagements, causing disjointed experiences. Ocelot data shows students engage 300% more with a chatbot when it is integrated with systems on campus, making it a more effective tool for communication.

By seamlessly and securely bringing real-time student data from Colleague into Ocelot’s advanced AI communications solutions, institutions can now ensure the most up-to-date information is being pulled into their automated chatbot and agent-assisted conversations. Helping to not only better understand exactly what students are asking, the integration also empowers institutions to be proactive and personal when responding to student needs – ultimately creating more high-value experiences.   

“It is so important for us to make information easily accessible to our students and customized to their specific situation,” said Satish Warrior, CIO of Contra Costa College District. “With the Ocelot and Colleague integration, we will see students having deeper engagement with our AI-powered channels simply because no matter where the information they need is stored, it is served up to them exactly how and when they need it.” 

Ellucian Colleague serves thousands of higher education institutions with its student information systems (SIS), finance and HR, recruiting, retention, analytics, and advancement software solutions. Colleague is the latest in a growing list of SIS integrations for Ocelot, expanding the reach and flexibility of its purpose-built AI communications solutions. 

“Ellucian Colleague is a natural integration for us with both our solutions and services deeply tailored to the unique needs of higher education,” said Kelley Bradder, VP of Implementation and Product Support, Ocelot. “We have built our solutions on the foundational belief that colleges and universities need scalable AI that fits into existing systems in a flexible way, giving institutions access to best-of-breed machine learning while still allowing them full control of exactly what information is delivered by automated channels.” 

Ocelot will be demonstrating its latest integrations at Ellucian LIVE 2023 (Booth #809)  March 26-29, 2023. Set up a time to book a meeting here or register for a daily demo here.   

About Ocelot

Ocelot is the industry leader in AI communications purpose-built for higher education, empowering colleges and universities to improve enrollment and retention through on-demand and multi-channel student engagement. Ocelot’s solutions are underpinned by an unrivaled, higher-ed specific knowledge base of content, integrated services offering, and continuously improving AI engine fueled by millions of real-time student interactions. Trusted by hundreds of organizations across the U.S., Ocelot makes cutting-edge machine learning accessible, secure, and scalable so institutions can focus on creating impactful, personalized interactions that drive real outcomes. Visit to learn more.


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