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Foster a supportive and inclusive environment for students, driving retention and overall student satisfaction.

Ocelot AI Communication Platform

Help support students’ academic and personal success with personalized, cost-effective AI communications that lead to higher retention and graduation rates.

87% of higher education leaders agree that students that can’t easily access information about admissions requirements and lack support are less likely to complete applications.

Overcoming Communication Challenges

Student Affairs at colleges and universities across the country are tasked with communicating a robust range of services to an increasingly diverse student body, often with a limited number of staff. At the same time, students are expecting digital and on-demand access to information on the mobile and web channels they most engage.

Enhance student engagement and success throughout their college journey.

Ocelot’s purpose-built AI communications helps Student Affairs maximize staff capacity to support all students in an efficient and empathetic way, enabling 24/7 access to accurate, consistent information while facilitating deeper, more personalized 1:1 connection.

Effectively Convey Offered Services

Proactively share program and service information with the most relevant students while ensuring each student gets personalized answers to their questions where and when they need it.

Support Diverse Student Needs

Put inclusivity and accessibility at the center of your communications strategy to create a safe and welcoming space and expand reach of critical information to underserved populations.

Nurturing a Trusted Relationship

Deliver students accurate, up-to-date, and consistent information across departments, reducing frustration and creating a positive community environment on campus.

“[Ocelot] is a gamechanger for providing access to our students and community.”

Elizabeth Hilton, Director

Riverside City College

Why Ocelot AI Communication Platform

Human by design

While Ocelot’s platform helps to automate repetitive tasks using AI, it is built for human involvement, allowing staff to chime into chatbot conversations when needed and engage with students both through campaign-based and 1:1 texting.

System agnostic

Ocelot integrates seamlessly with leading campus systems to ensure you bring the most up-to-date information to every student conversation, improving experiences while maximizing ROI of existing infrastructure.

Built for Higher Ed

Ocelot solutions come with pre-built libraries designed for higher ed – from housing to mental health services – while offering seamless integration to other campus systems and full ability to configure content to serve your institution’s unique student needs.

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