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Ocelot AI Communication Platform

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using Ocelot’s purpose-built chatbot, live chat, and texting solutions.

84% of higher ed leaders agree consistency of advice around financial aid can be a challenge when students are receiving advice from financial aid staff, external call centers, and websites that may be out of date.

Overcoming Financial Aid Challenges

As federal and state regulations continue to change, the financial aid process has grown increasingly complex for prospective students and their families. Financial aid offices must ensure compliance while providing a diverse, often remote body of applicants with relevant, up-to-date information when and where they need it.

Enhance student experience with personalized support and streamlined communication

Ocelot helps financial aid offices increase enrollment and meet institutional goals by delivering compliant, personalized AI communication designed to assist more students with the application process and remove frustrating barriers to accessing aid.

Provide personalized, proactive assistance to applicants

Reach out to students regarding upcoming financial aid deadlines and follow up to offer direction and support during critical phases of the application process.

Increase accessibility to a diverse applicant pool

Ensure students from a broad range of backgrounds can easily access financial aid information, 24/7 and from any device, while providing high-touch human help when they need it most.

Better understand the barriers to student success

Analyze data and trends from multichannel conversations to uncover where confusions and obstacles in the process exist, and use the information to optimize student experience when it comes to financial aid..
“[Ocelot] is a better way to connect to our students. We don’t lose them in the pipeline.”

Anthony Morrone, Director of Financial Aid

Nevada State College

Why OCELOT AI Communication Platform

Extensive knowledge base

Ocelot got its start supporting financial aid offices, and its decades of expertise in the space is reflected through a robust, financial-aid specific knowledge base that includes a full video library. Ocelot’s platform is ready to add immediate value upon deployment, with the option to configure responses and follow-up questions to meet unique institutional needs.

Inclusivity and anonymity

Meet all prospective students where they are, on the channels they most engage, and in their native languages. Ocelot’s AI solutions are inclusive by design and anonymize student questions to ensure sensitive information is kept protected and confidential.

Fully Compliant and Updated Content

Ocelot has a full team of dedicated experts who monitor regulatory filings and ensure solutions are updated as soon as state and federal laws are passed. This ensures content is compliant and institutions are leveraging the latest financial aid guidelines when communicating with students.

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