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Look no further. Unlock personalized and integrated student experiences that drive enrollment and boost student success with Ocelot One.

Can Your Students Get the Right Answers to Their Questions?

Ocelot One Can Help

Responsible AI

Designed to complement rather than replace meaningful staff interactions with students, the Ocelot Human-Centered AI model augments human input, automates repetitive tasks, and provides personalized student support.

Refined through continuous analysis and management by seasoned professionals with extensive higher-ed experience, Ocelot One amplifies your efforts through responsible AI — empowering you to maintain control over responses to student questions.

Collective Learning

Ocelot One goes beyond the boundaries of single schools. Our Personalized Engagement & Communications Platform operates within a vast data network, drawing insights from 17+ million individual student interactions.

Evolving through this human input, the Ocelot Human-Centered AI model guarantees your institution taps into the collective intelligence of over 500 higher education institution partners who are already benefiting from Ocelot One.

Personalized Experiences

When interactions are tailored to individual students’ needs, they are more likely to engage positively. By integrating with existing systems and utilizing student information from your SIS, CRM, LMS, ERP and other systems, we deliver highly personalized, proactive, and engaging interactions at the right time, and through student- preferred communication channels.

The Ideal Choice for Higher Education Institutions

Amid tightening budgets and increasing staff demands, Ocelot One stands as an innovative solution, purpose-built for higher education institutions to unify communications and empower student engagement.

Seamlessly connecting with existing systems and ready to respond to a wide range of student services across campus, Ocelot One offers omni-channel communications that address higher education challenges such as declining student populations, overworked and under-resourced staff, and fragmented campus communications.

What Makes Ocelot One Different?

#1 - Departmental AI Learning Models Vs Educating AI through Personally Curated Content
Ocelot One
Other Communication Platforms
Ocelot One
Other Communication Platforms
Ocelot One
Other Communication Platforms
Ocelot One
Other Communication Platforms
We’re committed to unifying communications and empowering student engagement. That’s why we collaborate closely with our higher education institution partners to tailor our approach, ensuring we effectively address your needs.

500+ Higher Education Institutions Trust Ocelot

We’re helping higher education institutions provide proactive, responsive, and personalized student communications.

Doubled Student Registration

Florida Southwestern State College (FSW) was able to resolve 90% of student inquiries, saving 230+ hours of staff time and doubling student registration rates in the process.

Boosted Enrollment by 12.4%

A single text campaign at St. Petersburg College resulted in a 12.4% enrollment rate and $1.6 million in tuition revenue from 4.7k non-enrolled contacts, showcasing the potent impact of personalized student engagement on enrollment growth.

Increased Fall-to-Fall Retention by 3.7%

Empire State University’s revamped student communication strategy led to a 3.7% increase in fall-to-fall retention, alongside a remarkable 234% surge in virtual self-service, transforming the student experience while saving significant time and resources.

Elevated Student Engagement Rates by 50%

By answering an astounding 45,000 questions and reclaiming over 2,200 staff hours, CSU Global witnessed a surge in student engagement rates. Moreover, their utilization of Ocelot One unearthed insights into student attrition post-enrollment, prompting targeted interventions to minimize student churn.

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