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More students in
More graduates out

Using AI communication including Two-Way Texting, AI chatbots, and live chat,
every student gets the answers they need and deserve so no student is left behind.
Capterra names Ocelot “Top Performer” in Conversational AI Platform category

More answers. Better answers.

That’s the simple reason Ocelot is the #1 AI communication platform.

We take a unique and comprehensive approach to AI conversation design, communication channels, content, and integrations to create maximum impact for both staff and students.


Higher enrollment and retention starts with better student communications.

While turning around enrollment and retention seems insurmountable, a recent Ocelot survey uncovered three actionable priorities that turns the proverbial mountain back into a molehill: accessible information, consistent advice, simple student experience.

Information isn't accessible.

87% of higher education leaders agree that students that can’t easily access information about admissions requirements and lack support are less likely to complete applications.

Advice isn't consistent.

84% agree that consistency of advice around financial aid can be a challenge when students are receiving advice from financial aid staff, external call centers, and websites that may be out of date.

Systems are confusing.

80% agree students are confused by the multitude of systems they have to interact with to get information which increases the risk of them not completing the admissions process or dropping out.

Actionable. Instant. Communication.

Ocelot enables colleges and universities to both proactively reach and reactively support students and guide them through all aspects of the student journey to increase access, enrollment, retention and wellness.

Create conversations that otherwise would not have happened.

Despite crunched budgets and overextended staff, Ocelot empowers staff to engage every student to improve outcomes.

Guidance for students every step of the way.

24/7 support for students anywhere on any device; meet students where they are.

Technology for "do more with less" budgets.

The current outlook forces administrators to get creative to stay competitive.

Less admin for you. More bandwidth for students.

With scalable AI technology you can unburden your staff and let them do what they do best.

Better student outcomes, faster.

Learn why Ocelot is the #1 AI communication platform in higher education.
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